IFK Sales Academy

Learn how to sell with professional sales strategies in our Sales Academy.

IFK Sales Academy

Selling and success are no coincidence. In the past a company's biggest issue was its production or service process. This has changed. The quality of a product or service has become a matter of course. So how can we be outstanding on the market and keep up our high price level? The answer is a professionalized sales activity. Selling cannot be left to chance anymore. That is the starting point of the IFK Sales Academy. We consider 5 important factors for an efficient sales activity:

Vision & Strategy: The product or service portfolio is chosen, the quality level is defined, the price is calculated and the company has established the target customers and market.

Sales process: Every step is planned and controlled like a production process. The company is using tools which effect the probability of closing a deal.

Professional competence: The sales personnel is not only an expert in matters of the product or service itself but also has qualified knowledge about the market, competitors and substitution products.

Social competence: The sales personnel are trained commuicators and speak "the language of the customer". They know how to handle complaints and conflicts.

Personal competence: Probably the most underestimated factor. The sales personnel knows how they affect customers and which reactions and feelings they are causing. What are my blind spots and how is my own history affecting my performance?

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